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Case Studies

We have helped over 300 organisations in a wide range of private and public sectors organisations. The below case studies provide an example of the work we have delivered.

Local Authority

Following voluntary leavers within the councils existing management team, the Chief Executive decided to embark on a review and redesign of the management team structure and portfolios, this led to a request to support a full organisational design of the council and support the subsequent change programme.

RealWorldHR were asked to deliver an Independent review of the executive and management structure, provide recommendations and advise on implementation for the potential redesign. By using our experience of organisational design and restructuring in the public sector we reviewed the current structure, researched best practice in neighbouring organisations and comparator councils and provided a series of options for the client to consider. Our final recommendations were presented to the client in the form of a written report and briefing to the Chief Executive.


fireman2-03 [Converted] Fighters

Blue Light services

We have worked with three quarters of the fire service, two thirds of the police service and one third of the ambulance service in a range of different projects and assignments. Building on closer working between ‘blue light’ emergency services partners a decision was made to initiate a collaboration between Fire and Police. The aim of the collaboration was to deliver efficiency savings and value for money for both employers in a time of budget restraint.

RealWorldHR led on the people workstream and the development of a people strategy to support implementation of staff transfer to a joint public sector owned service centre, to redesign some of the back office functions and to design the people aspects of co-location. All whilst advising on maintenance of effective BAU advice during the transformation.


The Health and Social Care Act 2012 was regarded as the most wide-ranging and complex since the NHS was created in 1948, including closing more than 170 organisations and creating more than 240 new bodies. Consultants from RealWorldHR were involved in the final nine months of the NHS People Transition

Programme, acting as professional leads and programme managers to established NHS HR Directors, ensuring the safe and effective transfer or exit of 6,000 staff from 32 employers to 80 new employers. We acted as the main point of contact between employers and the Department of Health; and chaired the pan-London partnership forum (involving BMA, MIP, UNISON trade unions). We represented London Senders on the national partnership forum (BMA, MIP, UNISON, Unite and GMB trade unions). The agreements we assisted on during negotiation at the national forum impacted 55,000 staff, where we worked informally with senior civil servants and key stakeholders in the nine new national bodies to provide independent HR advice for their start up.