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RealWorldHR is a UK based management consulting firm specialising in
HR and OD.

Our knowledge, skills and expertise come from our practice and experience of delivering organisation change and transformation. Our solutions are grounded in our clients reality and structured in a way that in-house teams can practically understand and deliver.

About Us

RealWorldHR was formed in 2007 and has worked with over 300 clients in a wide range of sectors and with organisations from 5 to 55,000 employees.

Our Approach

We aim to keep our solutions simple and effective. We just tell it like it is and give you some real, tangible actions you can put in place without the consultancy-speak.

Our Services

We provide clients with straight talking independent advice from people they can trust.

Meet the Team

Our team are experienced professionals and we assign people who can provide the right type and level of support needed.